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When I'm 164: The New Science of Radical Life Extension, and What Happens If It Succeeds

How lengthy do you need to stay, and why?

These are the questions that bestselling writer (Experimental guy) and technology author David Ewing Duncan explores, with miraculous effects. whilst I'm 164 surveys the more and more valid technological know-how of radical existence extension—from genetics and regeneration to computing device solutions—and considers the pluses and minuses of dwelling to age 164, or past: every thing from the impression on inhabitants and the price of residing to what occurs to like, interest, and health.

Concluding that anti-aging applied sciences will most likely reach the subsequent 30 to 50 years, Duncan brings us again to the age-old query posed through the Beatles of their vintage music: Will you continue to want me, will you continue to feed me, whilst I’m…

Small Molecule DNA And RNA Binders From Synthesis To Nucleic Acid Complexes Demeunynck

This ebook describes a robust and potent instrument for the molecular biologist researcher. Readers will realize how DNA chromatography can be utilized of their personal paintings. meant as an advent for the molecular biologist reader, this also will function a realistic advisor for the skilled consumer. The transparent and concise writing sort can be beautiful to the chemist who desires to research extra approximately molecular biology.

Origins of psychopathology: the phylogenetic and cultural basis of mental illness

Textual content covers psychiatry and evolutionary biology, psychopathology in the course of human organic evolution, and recapitulation and synthesis. Discusses if psychological disorder happens in primates and different animals, and if that is so, what does this let us know approximately psychological ailment in human evolution? writer is with Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA.

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Nucleic acids can be concentrated by using alcohol to precipitate the DNA or RNA from solution; the precipitate is recovered by centrifugation and can then be processed as required. 50 ␮g ml−1 for double-stranded DNA, or 40 ␮g ml−1 for singlestranded DNA or RNA. If the A280 is also determined, the A260 /A280 ratio indicates if there are contaminants present, such as residual phenol or protein. 0 for pure RNA preparations. In addition to spectrophotometric methods, the concentration of DNA may be estimated by monitoring the fluorescence of bound ethidium bromide.

If one of the dNTPs supplied is radioactive, the result is a highly labelled DNA molecule (Fig. 3). Fig. 3 Labelling DNA by nick translation. (a) A single-strand nick is introduced into the phosphodiester backbone of a DNA fragment using DNase I. (b) DNA polymerase I then synthesises a copy of the template strand, degrading the non-template strand with its 5 →3 exonuclease activity. If [α-32 P]dNTP is supplied this will be incorporated into the newly synthesised strand (solid circles). 13:16 P1: SBT 09780521850063c03 CUUS128/Nicholl 978 0 521 85006 3 March 11, 2008 WORKING WITH NUCLEIC ACIDS Fig.

These days most molecular biology supply companies sell kits that enable purification of nucleic acids from a range of sources. The first step in any isolation protocol is disruption of the starting material, which may be viral, bacterial, plant, or animal. The method used to open cells should be as gentle as possible, preferably utilising enzymatic degradation of cell wall material (if present) and detergent lysis of cell membranes. If more vigorous methods of cell disruption are required (as is the case with some types of plant cell material), there is the danger of shearing large DNA molecules, and this can hamper the production of representative recombinant molecules during subsequent processing.

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