A History of the Logarithmic Slide Rule by Florian Cajori

By Florian Cajori

The slide rule, with its many adaptations, has been very important to arithmetic and engineering because its invention within the seventeenth century. curiosity during this box has grown dramatically and creditors can nonetheless locate a lot fabric at cheap costs. regrettably there was little details on hand apart from brands manuals and catalogs, making this reprint of Cajori's vintage fairly precious. additionally incorporated with this reprint of the 1910 version is Cajori's broad article at the heritage of Gunter's Scale and the Slide Rule through the seventeenth Century, released through the college of California in 1920, which units forth his next findings. there's additionally a necessary explanatory creation via Dr. Robert ok. Otnes, editor of the magazine of the Oughtred Society. 178 pages. Illustrated. 61/8" x 91/4". not easy conceal.

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511, from “Cenni intorno ad un saggio di celerimensura applicata alla compilazione dei progetti ferroviarii e descrizione di tavole grafiche e numeriche pel calcolo delle coordinate, per l’ing. V. Soldati,” in Atti della Società degli Ingegneri e degli Industriali di Torino. Anno V, 1871, p. 38. , Torino, 1886, p. ] 65. Routledge’s Slide Rule. HISTORY OF THE LOGARITHMIC SLIDE RULE 46 [Cited by Favaro, loc. , p. 512, from Catalogue of instruments manufactured by W. F. , London, 1877, p. 30. See also J.

29. Eschmann-Wild’s Tachymeterschieber. [Cited by Favaro, loc. , p. 512, from Der topographische Distanzmesser mit Rechenschieber von J. Stambach, Aarau, 1872. See also Engineering News, New York, Vol. 54, 1905, p. 486; E. Hammer, Der logarithmische Rechenschieber, 4te Auflage, Stuttgart, 1908, p. 10. ] 30. Bradford’s Sliding Rule. , p. ] 31. Porro’s Scale Logaritmiche Centesimali. [Cited by Favaro, op. , p. , par J. Porra, Turin, 1850, p. ] 32. Regolo Calcolatorio di Oesterle. [Cited by Favaro, op.

Proell, or upon the surface of a cylinder arranged parallel to its axis, as by J. D. Everett, Mannheim, E. Thacher. Thacher’s instrument (Fig. 9) almost attains the accuracy of a five-place table of logarithms and ranks among the most accurate slide rules in practical use. It is the most important single contribution to the design of slide rules made in America. Working on the plan of Oughtred, other designers adhered to the circular form, as, for instance, E. M. Boucher (Fig. 12), whose instrument resembles a watch, and Hermann or P.

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