Action Origami: Over 25 Animated Paperfolding Projects by Rick Beech

By Rick Beech

Motion Origami is a fully-comprehensive useful advisor that mixes a desirable background of the paintings, an inspirational gallery that includes the paintings for the world's best origamists, unique descriptions of the paper to take advantage of and over eighty step by step initiatives designed to entertain, problem, and enjoyment.

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A bigger bead will naturally make you cup your hand more. 2 Move both of your hands to shape the bead. Sometimes beginners don't realize they're only moving one hand and keeping the second stationary. As soon as you start moving both hands at the same time, you will have a much easier time rolling a round bead. 3 Toss the bead around inside your palm so you're push- FIGURE 1 ing at it from all different angles. At first this movement will be conscious, but after you've practiced you'll do it so quickly and subtly that it will be one even motion as part of the rolling motion.

Roll the end into a paint and tuck it in. Gently pat the rope so it adheres to the bead. Cure for 45 minutes and then apply shoe polish to the bead with a firm paintbrush Rub off the excess with a soft cloth or paper towel. Multi-Direction Wrapped Bead 37 Extrude a long, narrow string of black polymer clay; set aside. Make a 20mm base bead from translucent clay Poke a hole in the middle of the bead with a needle tool; keep the bead on the needle tool for the next step 38 Wrap the long, narrow string of black polymer clay around the 20mm base bead, switching direction frequently and gently patting the string onto the base bead as you go (Figure 9) Don't worry if the string breaks.

16 Fill the cap with translucent clay and smooth the surface. Poke a hole through the middle with a needle tool. 17 Repeat Steps 19-2 1 for a second Hemisphere Bead. 18 Cure both beads for 40 minutes. FIGURE 4 Black Hole Hemisphere Beads 19 Repeat Step 19, using translucent clay instead of black. 20 After making the indentations, put a tiny round dot of black clay into each indentation and gently press down on each dot with the ball stylus so it fills the indentation (Figure 5). 21 Cure for 15 minutes .

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