Adoration of the Ram: five hymns to Amun-Re from Hibis by David Klotz

By David Klotz

Hibis Temple, tucked away within the distant Khargeh Oasis, comprises the longest enormous hymns to Amun-Re ever carved in hieroglyphs. those spiritual texts, inscribed throughout the reign of Darius I, drew upon a wide number of New nation resources, and later they served as assets for the Graeco-Roman hymns at Esna Temple. As such, the hymns to Amun-Re from Hibis are excellently suited to learning Egyptian theology in the course of the Persian interval, at the eve of the meant "new theology" created via the Graeco-Roman priesthood. This new examine, the 1st huge remark at the 5 liturgically hooked up hymns, gains new translations with unique notes. The publication additionally considers dominant theological topics found in the texts, together with the idea that of "Amun in the Iris."

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29, North Reveal = Drioton, ASAE 40 [1940]: 364, No. 140). n=i xr-k Imn-Ra)” speeches of Ptolemy VI employ several different writings of Amun, including Klarschrift (Urk. , 133d, 134d, 135d, 137d, 138d, 139d, 140d). , 140d) writes Amun as , which should be read: m(r) + mn = (I )mn. , Egyptian Religion: the Last Thousand Years I, pp. 570–74, who unfortunately discusses none of the examples involving the mummy determinative. 57 From mni “to moor;” the Coptic vocalisation of this word is remarkably similar to Amun: amoni (Crum, CD, 173–74).

XXVIIIb). From his position behind the celestial goddess, Nut, it is possible that this vignette represents the sexual coupling of the two heavens in order to create the gods (Aufrère, L’Univers minéral II, pp. 474–75). 164 Barta, JEOL 29 (1985/86): 98–105. 165 Dendara X/1, 305; X/2, Pl. 148, 175. , Studies Griffiths, pp. 169–70. ” Just as in the Great Amun hymn, all of these natural aspects belong to Amun-Re. C Assmann’s reading “Ba-Bau”  is unsupportable, as there are clearly five strokes following “Ba” in both the Hibis and Taharqa editions.

T “birth” that begins in the reign of Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II, or possibly a neologism, compounding ms-xa “birth-appearance; Akhetbirth” (cf. ” [in preparation]).  While the moon was often regarded as the left eye of Amun-Re, texts expressly identifying Amun with the moon are less common. w His (Amun) love is (being) the Moon as a child, for whom creation dances. tw=f mi itn n IaH He (Amun) is worshipped like the disk of the Moon.  However, this evokes the concept of the moon allowing for astronomy and other sciences (see infra).

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