Agni: Way of Fire by Bruce Lyon

By Bruce Lyon

Agni is the Lord of fireside. Agni Yoga is the yoga of synthesis. the elemental premise of Agni Yoga is that this: There aren't any exterior situations that may defeat the human spirit. This ebook is focused in the direction of those that have a few familiarity with the Trans-Himalayan teachings. however the key lies of their functional software. this is often the way in which we gas the fireplace. The booklet has 3 sections: Meditation, research and repair. the 1st part describes the development of meditative paintings beginning with that spark of concept after we first make soul touch, via to complete soul-identification whilst the begin turn into an software of the better Will. This part includes particular meditative routines, alignments, mantrams, prayers and formulation for use within the daily perform of Agni Yoga. The examine part incorporates a description of the cosmic planes and subplanes, together with the tricky interrelationships of the rays that create the full of life cloth of our sunlight process. A conception of astrological rulerships is usually included. while you are concerned about the mysteries of color and quantity, the query of fine and evil, the aim of the sacrifice of the sun angels or the mysteries of the artistic Hierarchies, this bankruptcy is definitely worthy a learn. The jump of the Agni yogi is first a jump in realization. Agni Yoga is the yoga of the soul. however the fireplace of divine Will needs to be introduced via Love into motion. The provider part outlines the 4 levels for bringing Will into expression instantaneously in our daily lives.

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41 Atma ‘Central Spiritual Sun’ of Triadal Soul Buddhi ‘Heart of Sun’ of Triadal Soul Manas ‘Physical Sun’ of Triadal Soul It is the focus of the fire of the triadal soul in the causal field which forms the core energy at the centre of an initiate’s ‘masterpiece’. This fire is three-fold—atma flowing through the sacrifice petals of the egoic lotus, buddhi through the love petals, and manas through the knowledge petals of the lotus. Finally these fires are recognised as the expression of the synthetic fire of the monad that is transmitted directly through the jewel in the lotus.

Agni Yoga leads the Fifth subrace into Sixth subrace consciousness. Lemurian consciousness is the soul identified with—and therefore polarised in—the physical/etheric vehicle. Atlantean consciousness is the soul polarised on the astral plane. Aryan consciousness finds the soul identified with the mental plane. The Sixth subrace consciousness will find the soul polarised on the buddhic plane working through its individualised ‘body’ on the higher mental. This is why the development of the intuitive faculty is key to Agni Yoga and why the keynote is Synthesis.

The creation of the atomic bomb during the crisis of the Second World War was a direct result of this ‘focusing’. 15 The ‘dilation’ of the pupil of the ashram upon the buddhic plane undergoes cycles, one of which is a seven year cycle. The greater the constriction, the greater the penetration of Will. Greater dilation produces greater illumination. 49 2000/1 the year of the Shamballa impact, saw the pupil at maximum constriction. This allowed for the penetration of energy from the first to the seventh plane and laid the seeds for the coming cycle.

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