Albert Schweitzer's Reverence for Life by Mike W. Martin

By Mike W. Martin

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We can assume they undertook serious discussions, even though the discussions are hidden from us, as was much of their very private relationship. 27 The letters reveal a relationship of intimate friendship that grew into love during ten years prior to their marriage, when it was first consummated. A deep understanding emerged between Ideals as Guides 21 them that traditional domesticity was not Albert’s calling. Initially they planned to sustain their love as each of them pursued an independent life of service, although gradually they came to realize that Lambaréné offered the promise of shared service as a married couple.

7. C. Smart and Bernard Williams, Utilitarianism: For and Against (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1973); and ‘Persons, Character and Morality’, in Bernard Williams, Moral Luck (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1981), pp. 1–19. 63 Rachels, The Elements of Moral Philosophy, p. 198. 64 Schweitzer, Philosophy of Civilization, p. 320. This page intentionally left blank Chapter 4 Environmental Ethics We realize that all life is valuable and that we are united to all this life. 3 In developing these themes Schweitzer made problematic appeals to anthropomorphism, biotheism, subjectivity and an enlarged sense of guilt, but we show here that his main themes remain coherent without these appeals.

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