The Alchemist's Handbook: Manual for Practical Laboratory by Frater Albertus

By Frater Albertus

Why no longer five stars?

For purposes:

1) Alchemy (The Weiser Concise consultant sequence) by way of Brian Cotnoir is a greater advent, even if, correctly, it comprises little concerning the "Great Work".

2) the writer, Frater Albertus, contains theosophistic (source: Mme H. P. Blavatsky et al) confusion just like the idea of literal "re-incarnation", anything of a "New Age" dogma yet, regrettably, an misguided nineteenth century amalgamation of the 2 conventional doctrines of metemphychosis and transmigration.

The final sections of the e-book, starting with bankruptcy VII, "Wisdom of the Sages", usually are not superfluous yet to the contrary comprise numerous robust tricks and important warnings approximately yes fabrics and tactics of the nice Work.

The part "Alchemy and Philosophy" within the end is actually extraordinary, displaying how the various theories of recent chemistry will be usefully, harmoniously and seamlessly built-in into the normal framework of airtight philosophy and alchemy.

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In alchemy, nothing devilish or unholy is concealed behind these symbols. On the contrary, to those who are able to understand them, they possess an honorable and even a holy significance. This understanding has been considered too sacred and too valuable to be cast before the unworthy. Alchemists, and especially the Rosicrucian fraters, have used these sacred symbols amongst themselves in order to prevent alchemical, mystical, or occult secrets from falling into the hands of those who would misuse them.

Wherefore, leaving such persons to hug themselves in their own imaginary importance, we shall go on to observe that the ores of metals are our First Matter, or sperm, wherein the seed is contained, and the key of this art consists in a right dis. solution of the ores into a water, which the philosophers call their mercury, or water of life, and an earthly substance, which they have denommated their sulphur. , to point out its masculine quality. In the separation and due conjunction of these with heat, and careful management, there is generated a noble offspring, which they have for its excellency called the quintessence or a subject wherein the four elements are so completely harmonized as to produce a fifth subsisting in the fire, without waste of substance, or diminution of its virtue, wherefore they have given it the titles of Salamander, Phoenix, and Son of the Sun.

Even today, the very same symbols are employed by the alchemical brethren whenever necessary. The occasion may arise for the alchemist-to-be, now reading these pages. when he may come in contact with books and manuscripts containing these alchemystical symbols. For this reason, the following pages present the important signs together with their Latin and English names. To some, such symbols are of little importance now, but they will prove of immense value when, at the least suspected 57 58 time, a connecting link will present itself.

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